Five Important Reasons to Paper Shred:

Identity Theft-Approximately nine million people per year have their identity stolen in the US. This criminal outbreak can greatly be reduced by destroying paper documentation the criminals can get to obtain information, shredding has been proven an effective method.

Credit Card Theft-Credit card numbers and passwords can be obtained from documents in the trash. Hand torn papers can be effortlessly taped back together. Criminals have been known to canvass through the trash to get personal information that can be sold or criminally used. Shredding helps reduce your vulnerability.

New Laws-The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), enforces the destruction of confidential employee information, even if there is only one employee. You can be liable for lawsuits or even prosecution if the privacy laws are not observed.

Recycling-Going green and saving the environment is at the forefront today. Shredding facilitates recycling; therefore, helping conserve the environment.

Peace of Mind-Shredding allows you to assume a proactive approach to safeguarding your identity, business and your employees.


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